Based in Warrington, Cheshire, SocialCru started life several years ago as a digital marketing and procurement business. Our aim was to provide quality marketing content to business owners, which we did successfully for many years. As our client base started to grow, we found ourselves immersed in a wide variety of industries, which is how we found ourselves in the utilities world. After securing several marketing contracts for utility companies we discovered there was an opportunity for us to combine our expertise in marketing and procurement with areas of utilities.

Our brand is broken down into different segments.

- SocialCru Marketing provide daily solutions in sourcing and delivering leads to utility operators throughout the UK. Whether this new new build developments to a supplier, or small domestic installs, we look after numerous clients in this space. 

- SocialCru Metering is our core business which is made up of 50 Smart Meter Engineers and back office staff with Nationwide coverage.


- SocialCru Energy is our energy procurement solution for commercial business owners throughout the UK. As we have exclusive relationships with numerous suppliers, we tend to be very competitive when it comes to energy savings. We're also very transparent so if you already have a great deal, we'll be the first to tell you. 

- Mi-Charge by SocialCru is our EV, Solar and Battery Storage arm. We all know that change is imminent and right now there has never been a better time to take advantage of the financial support available for around renewables. It is also your responsibility to start thinking about your carbon footprint. This will soon the the difference between your business tendering for, and/or winning contracts.  

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Our transition from marketing to the utility industry opened yet another door for SocialCru and this is the world of energy sales and brokerage. After several requests from our utility & construction clients to source energy supplies for them we decided to set up as an energy broker. We are fully licenced and currently employ a team of experienced and time served energy brokers to meet your requirements for electric and gas supply. We work with over 25 UK energy suppliers, including the big 6 and can offer low competitive prices.


SocialCru Energy take pride in finding affordable solutions to business owners throughout the UK. We're not just your everyday energy provider working off a matrix to try and get you the best deal.

Need a new meter agreement? SocialCru can source, supply and fit this for you.

Looking for cost effective upgrade solutions for battery storage / EV? Why not partner with a supplier and build a commercial agreement together and repay this over a period of time? SocialCru can make these introductions.

Just want a great deal? We're not going to have a quote within an hour. We bespoke quote everything we do so that we're buying in real time. Allow us to really find the best deal for you.

A reduction in carbon emissions is proven in reducing energy costs.


Energy costs money, so by working to cut emissions and moving to cheaper, renewable energy, businesses will better be able to manage their budget. In time, businesses will become more profitable too – thanks to the simple changes they've made now.

How much of an impact are you having in 2021? 

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