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Electricity Savings

We've made it simple... why rely on multiple relationships when you can have one...

Gas Savings

SocialCru are an independant sub-broker with all pricing access and control...

Waste Management

Are you over spending on your commercial waste? Find out more here...

Asset Finance

We have an asset finance partner that can secure funds quickly. Find out more here...

Here at SocialCru, we find that 8 out of 10 clients are overspending in different areas of their business. We are here to offer a simple one stop solution and to see where we can SAVE you money. 

We have spent time sourcing and comparing rates for numerous suppliers around the UK and we are confident that we have found the most competitive providers for all of the services that we promote. Let us assess your spends and then you can decide whether to progress. 

Our service is simple. We assess your needs and look at your existing costs, we take that information to the market, we come back to you with alternative options that will save your business money. We then get paid a small commission from the contract provider so our service to you comes at no additional cost. 

We're a friendly and helpful team, really transparent and just passionate about SAVING. Call us today and book your free appointment.


Further Support

SocialCru are here to help. In recent times, you will of heard and may continue to hear about energy upgrades around the UK. This is a progressive step forward in how your energy is being monitored and managed by your suppliers. We want to ensure that you understand the reasons and the process in doing so. 

If you have any questions about SocialCru and the service that we provide, then please get in touch today. We're happy to discuss and educate before you explore any specifics.

We cover the Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside and Yorkshire area for utility installations and UK wide on energy quotes, asset finance and waste management. 

Utility Services. Installations. Metering. Energy Reductions. Waste.